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The Baxandall Papers are documents on audio power amplifier design by Peter Baxandall, written as a commentary on my series "Distortion In Power Amplifiers" that was published between August 1993 and March 1994, and delivered to me as a private communication in November 1995, after his untimely death. After much thought I have decided that Peter would not have wanted this material to be lost, and so some of it is published here.

The six pages published at present deal with a form of output-stage inclusive Miller compensation that has become known as "Transitional Miller compensation" or TMC, which includes the output stage in the Miller compensation loop at low frequencies, transitioning to a tighter local loop at high frequencies, and thus preventing the extra poles of the output stage from causing instability.

NEW The full text of The Baxandall Papers, all 35 pages, has now been published by Jan Didden, combined with both my and Peter's power amplifier design series in Wireless World/Electronics World. I have added a concise commentary on the material peter sent me. See here.

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