Obscure Computing Topics.

Updated: 29 Aug 2004
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There is naturally a huge amount of material on computing on the web. Here is a quick guide to some of the more obscure corners; it is still in embryonic form but will be extended as time and mental health permits.

A quine is a program that simply reproduces its own source code. Learn more about this perversion here.
Archived from Wayback. A brilliant introduction to cruel and unusual programs.
This is one of those things that was just bound to happen. Var'aq is a computing language written in Klingon. It is billed as "A Warrior's Programming Language".
The Retrocomputing Museum. Hardware, languages, machine emulators, games and more.
The first real electronic computer... now there's a good topic for rancorous argument. Here is a contender you may not have heard of.

In the nature of things, these links will not be checked very frequently. Please let me know if they go dead.

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