The Combat Cutlery Gallery.

A celebration of lethal flatware.

Start: 10 Aug 01
Updated: 31 Oct 04
A new set of deadly eating-irons added for your pleasure and delectation.
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Left: The knife, fork and spoon shown in the picture all have built-in flintlock pistols.

Note that the barrels point backwards, towards the user, so they're not designed for plugging your host if he makes impertinent remarks about your table manners. It is difficult to imagine a social gathering where it is appropriate to shoot off your own elbows.

The fork follows the pattern of the time; it looks pretty lethal on its own account.

These weapons carry the maker's mark F X RICHTER IN REICHEBERG and date from about 1715. The pistol frames are in bronze gilt, and the lockwork is unusual because it is entirely external.

Left: The knife and fork here demonstrate escalation in table-top firepower. Knife and fork are both double-barrelled, each with one trigger and priming pan so that both barrels fire together.

Viewed from above, looking into the pan, frizzen on the right.

This time the barrels are at least pointing away from the user, so he is well-placed to riddle his dining partner with four shots. The actual knife and fork sections fold backwards.
Nothing known about date or place of manufacture, or mental state of the maker.

This page makes the unpardonable assumption that you know how a flintlock operates.
If you don't, see: How Flintlock Guns Work. (external link)

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